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Good Little Girls - Rita Herron

This is the story of Tinsley and the Skull.   The Skull kidnapped Tinsley leaving her with panic attacks and unable to leave her cottage on the beach.     The anniversary of her kidnapping is approaching and the Skull wants her back.   


I love that the detective that saved her in the first book is still around and still protecting her.     With each panic attack, he comes to her rescue and never makes her feel bad about it.   He respects her boundaries, he holds her when she needs it and listens to her talk.     There was a simmering attraction between them that intrigued me.  I was definitely cheering for them to come together or at least spend more time together. 


While the story focuses on Tinsley, the secondary characters got storylines also.   Their stories were just as suspenseful as the main story and I am hoping that there could be more of them in future books in this series.   


Rita Herron has made The Keepers a MUST-READ series for me.     I recommend starting with book one and just keep on reading.