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The Sometimes Sisters - Carolyn Brown

So many families are broken apart by circumstances beyond the kids controls yet the kids feel the brunt of it.    With the Sometimes Sisters the family has Granny Annie keeping them together until their lives spiral out of control and they stay away to deal with their own lives.  


The Sometimes Sisters is a story of three sisters who have grown up and are now hiding out from life at Granny Annie’s.    They fight, they point fingers but most importantly they protect each other and stand up for each other.    Each of the sisters is working through their issues and must have the support of the other sisters to find their way out the other side of life.     


Zed, Granny Annie’s forever friend, is the angel in this story.     He is carrying on Granny Annie’s legacy after she passes by taking care of her granddaughters.     He deals with the drama, the tears, and the love of these grown girls.    Many men, especially those not related by blood, would have ran away as far as they could get from all their problems but he stood strong, supported, loved, and gave them the gentle pushes in the directions needed to heal themselves.  


I loved reading about these Sometimes Sisters becoming Forever Sisters.   Carolyn Brown in a must read author.   I definitely recommend picking up your own copy and enjoying meeting these wonderful characters.