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Sweet Passions at Bayside - Addison Cole

Emery’s best friend moves away and she makes the hard decision to start her yoga business over and join her.  She starts on her way and has to detour to Dean’s house, which is wonderful since they’ve been talking to each other nightly since they met at Christmas time.    Instant sparks, heat, and attraction.   There is no doubt that there is something between them but Emery has rules against dating friends.    I LOVE that Dean decides rules shmules… he doesn’t follow her rules and pushes her to go against her own rules and date him.     The three outings (they were not dates) were so original, so loving, so fun, and so amazing that I was jealous that no one ever made that effort for me.    These outings also gave her a glimpse into his life, his family, and his career while allowing her to open up letting him in little by little.    


Oh my… these characters are so wonderful.   They are not perfect, they are real, they have feelings, and they are friends of mine.  With each Love in Bloom book that I pick up I am excited to see what happens, to see what characters are introduced, and to see what characters come back into the series so that I can catch up with their lives.        Their relationships with each other are so real and full of feeling that I can feel the love between them.   They are more like families then friends and there is never a doubt that they have each other’s backs.    



Addison Cole writes this series so that the characters and settings are familiar but each book is its own story.   There is an ending to each book and each book starts with a new couple to explore.    The series can be read in any order and are wonderful no matter where you start your reading.    I can guarantee that once you start reading you will not be able to stop.