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The Intermission - Elyssa Friedland

I like the idea of this book.   The idea that marriage can get hum-drum boring is not a new idea.   I am happily married and there are times that we have to shake it up some.   That is what Cass wants to do.   She needs to make sure that she is happy with her life before starting a family and committing to the rest of her life with Jonathan.   Do I agree with her way?  Nope, not even a little but I respect that she doesn’t want to start a family and then tear it apart if she is that unhappy that she cannot stay with her husband.  


The book is divided into three parts with alternating chapters between Cass and Jonathan.   There were quite a bit of repetitive thoughts, a lot of talking about what might happen, what could happen, what should happen but yet not much happen.  I struggle to connect with anyone in the story.  Cass seemed to want the separation but then didn’t want Jonathan to find any happiness without her.    Jonathan was a pushover.   He couldn’t make Cass stay but yet gave in to every request she made without pushing for what he wanted.   


The premise of the story was interesting and the ending was predictable.  I couldn’t not finish the book once I started reading because I had to know if Cass and Jonathan actually ended up together but it was slow reading for me.