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The Lost Carousel of Provence - Juliet Blackwell

Juliet Blackwell tells the story of Cady, present time, and the 1900’s in France using a dual timeline format.     While it can sometimes get confusing which time you are reading, Juliet does an amazing job keeping the two storylines separate while weaving them together a little bit at a time.   I liked finding out how Gus, the carousel rabbit, Cady, and the Clements would all come together.   I wasn’t surprised at how it all ended up but I did enjoy seeing how it all worked out.  


Usually, I find myself connecting to a certain character or a certain storyline but with this one  I was thrilled with the descriptions and the characters of the 1900’s.   I am also curious about wartime living and many of the characters were active in the war efforts.       The present storyline was just as amazing.   The food Cady ate, the towns she visited, the carousels she photographed, and the people she met were alive to me.   I could taste, see, and enjoy all that she did.  


I really enjoyed The Lost Carousel of Provence.  I learned about the making of carousels and all the tedious precision work that goes into their making.    There was enough fact that I felt informed but not overwhelmed with facts that I didn’t need or want to know.       Pick up your own copy and travel to Paris, visit the carousels, eat the food, and meet the wonderful characters.