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One More Moment - Samantha Chase

Charlotte is a character that I can relate to.    If I saw a band member at a coffee shop I would probably not know who they were and would happily offer to pay for their coffee if they didn’t have their wallet without expectations.     Then I would be curious about the person, just because that is the type of person that I am.     I love that Charlotte was clueless, I disliked that Julian didn’t come clean with her right away.  Yet, I understood why he felt he had to protect who he was and keep his identity a secret;   too many people have expectations when they find out that a person has fame and money. 


I have read all the Band on the Run books so far.   Each book is a different band member’s story.   The non-featured band members all make appearances in each other books giving the reader a chance to catch up on the happenings of their lives.   I got to learn about the weddings, the babies, and where their lives are now while learning about a new band member.  


This is a fun series.   You get a glimpse into the life of a successful band and how that success can affect the band members.     It is also a good reminder that while they are celebrities, they are real people with normalish lives also.