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The Other Woman - Sandie Jones

Psychological thriller is exactly what this book is.    I was stuck to the edge of my seat while reading word after word, page after page, and chapter after chapter.   I could stop reading.   I won’t give it away but it seems no one is at he/she seems.   Everyone has a secret and until the end of the book, you won’t know who is telling the truth.   


This is a tough review to write only because I want to tell you all about it but The Other Woman needs to be read without knowing the spoilers.    I knew how it would end, I knew that Emily and Adam would figure out how to get past his crazy mother, Pammie would figure out how to accept Emily…everything I knew was not quite what happens.    I have to say that I wasn’t totally wrong but I wasn’t totally right either.   


The Other Woman in one of the best psychological thrillers I have ever read and definitely one of the best in 2018.    As a debut author, Sandie Jones is now one of my must-read authors.