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More Than You Know (The Harrisons) - Jennifer Gracen

Nick is a hero.   Not because he is a Detective in the police department but because he is willing to donate his marrow to a little boy that he doesn’t even know.   Well, maybe he doesn’t know them but there is a very good reason that his marrow is a match to this boy.      I love this twist.   Sure, I knew it was coming.   It wasn’t a surprise but it was perfect.  The fact that he ends up related to the boy only endears him to me even more.   With all the drama, and oh was there drama, surrounding the fact that he is a long lost Harrison he never lets it get between the real reason that he is in New York.   


Then he meets Amanda.    Everything he thought he knew about love gets twisted around.    She pushes, she pulls, and she retreats in reaction to his tough, alpha exterior.    But she is perfect for him.    If only they would both open their eyes are realize it.    They both need to get over themselves and open their hearts to a love so perfect that it would be so sad to not accept it.  


It Might Be You is a love story.   There is romance, there is heat, there is love but it is also a family story.   A story of finding a piece of yourself that you didn’t know was missing, a story of finding out the truth about yourself, and a story of opening your heart to love.    



This is a story that is perfect with a mug of hot cocoa and cuddled under a warm blanket.