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Small Town Rumors - Carolyn Brown

Carolyn Brown wrote a book set in small town USA.   Everyone knows what everyone else is doing and they are happy to spread the gossip around the town.    The original story changes as the gossip is passed from person to person and many times it gets blown entirely out of proportion.     This is exactly how a small town is.   


Jennie Sue is a unique and strong character.   She is the daughter of the queen and king of the town and she turns up her nose to that.  I like that she knew she didn’t want to be like her mother yet she took a chance with Percy to try to live that life.   I also like that it didn’t turn out well for her, I know that sounds bad but she was so unhappy and now that she is divorced from him she is so much happier.     The town of Bloom, Texas should have turned its back on her but instead, those who are below her mamma’s station in life welcome her with almost open arms.    While those who are her momma’s friends want to make her into one of their own without seeing how that is exactly what Jennie Sue (Southern name at its best) doesn’t want. 


The characters that welcome Jennie Sue home and help to handle the twists and turns in her life now that she is home are perfect.     They are open, they are welcoming, and they are accepting.    They let Jennie Sue be who she has always wanted to be and encourage her to grow in that.    I love that and hope that if that was to happen in my town I’d be one of those welcoming people.   It gives me something to strive for.  


Everything about this book is perfect.    A perfect summer book with a wonderful small town setting, and characters that I loved that I definitely recommend.